“You must pray…without prayer, all the schooling in the world will not produce the effect God wants homeschooling to give.” Fr. John Hardon


The mission of Grace Academy Learning Center is to provide families with the guidance and resources they need to ensure the proper education of their children in these scholastically uncertain times.  




363 Route 3
South China, Maine 04358

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Grace Academy is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit (nonprofit) organization.

Grace Academy is supported by the generosity of our benevolent donors. We believe that all families should have access to the support and resources they need to ensure the proper education of their children.


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with homeschooling


Things to do when considering the option to homeschool

Grace Academy offers private school enrollment and record keeping services for Maine homeschoolers.

Grace Academy Registration is open year round.


                                                                 Parents who choose to educate their children at home but wish to

                                                                 have the support, guidance, and services of a private school may enroll

                                                                 in our private school, Grace Academy.


                                                                  NO on-campus classes required

Enrolling in Grace Academy complies with

Maine's Homeschool Law Option 2:  Homeschooling as a RAPPS Private School.

 (“Recognized for Attendance Purposes” Private Schools-RAPPS)

Students enrolled in Grace Academy are considered private school

students legally; however, in practice, they are homeschooled by their parents.

                                                Parents of enrolled students need not

                                                     submit a Notice of Intent to the Superintendent

                                                     submit results of an annual evaluation to the Maine ​Department of Education

                                                     comply with any other part of the home education statutes.

                                                Instead, families enrolling in a Maine private school with a 

                                                homeschool option, such as Grace Academy, must follow the requirements set

                                                forth by the private school. In turn, Grace Academy complies with state statutes 

                                                governing private schools, including record keeping and attendance tracking.


Is Grace Academy a real school?

Yes. Grace Academy operates under the authority of Maine law. Specifically,

Grace Academy complies with the provisions of 20-A M.R.S.A. 5001 (a) which directs

the Maine Department of Education to identify Grace Academy as “a private school

authorized by the department as providing equivalent instruction.” (20-A MRSA §5001-A, sub-§1 (b). 

Graduates from our school are afforded the same privileges as any other graduate from

any other Maine high school. All Grace Academy graduates are awarded a diploma.


Our students have chosen to attend local high schools for one or more years of their high school careers or have homeschooled straight through to 12th grade. As graduates, our alumni have traveled far and wide serving their fellow man in the military and the mission field and many have gone on to pursue further education at Emerson, Simmons, St. Olaf, Christendom, Clark, Notre Dame, local universities, and state technical colleges. 

As a private school, we offer an extensive resource library, curricular guidance, portfolio review, transcripts, diplomas, and recordkeeping services. Parent-teachers choose books and curricula and are in no way bound to follow Grace Academy's recommended course of study. However, we do offer guidance and suggestions based on our years of experience.

                      To register your family for Grace Academy use this PDF Registration Form

                        1.  Print and complete the PDF Registration form. OR fill out the ONLINE form below

                        2.  Write out a check for $75.00 to Grace Academy with Private School in the memo area.

                        3.  Mail form and check to Grace Academy, 363 Route 3, South China, ME 04358.


We will mail out a welcome packet once we receive your completed registration form and payment.

Happy Homeschooling!

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  • Pray – Continually seek the Lord in His guidance.  Ask God to help you discern if He is calling you and your family to homeschooling.   When God answers,  move ahead with confidence, knowing that He will equip you with everything you need to educate your children at home.

  • Find a Local Support Group – Homeschooling support groups and cooperatives are a great way to meet other families of like mind.

  • Research Your State’s Laws – Contact us to register with Grace Academy and take advantage of Maine’s Homeschool Law Option 2:  Homeschooling as a Private School.  Home School Legal Defense Association has information on all state laws regarding homeschooling.

  • Attend a Homeschool Conference – Attending a conference gives you a chance to actually preview materials before ordering.  Conferences usually bring entertaining speakers and offer great workshops for the novice and veteran homeschooler alike.  Conferences are generally held in the spring.  Check out our facebook page for a list upcoming conferences as they become available.

  • Read about Educational Approaches – Begin learning about the different ways to homeschool and try to assess which style fits you and your family best.

  • Just Do It – If you are called to homeschool, then, by all means, do it well. Work at it with diligence.  Don’t be tempted to put off the decision because you are trying to pull everything together. Sometimes, families just need to do it and work on the details as they go along. Consider reading great literature, doing a nature study, and going on a few field trips to jump-start your commitment.  Take the first step today!