“You must pray…without prayer, all the schooling in the world will not produce the effect God wants homeschooling to give.” Fr. John Hardon


The mission of Grace Academy Learning Center is to provide families with the guidance and resources they need to ensure the proper education of their children in these scholastically uncertain times.  




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Grace Academy is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit (nonprofit) organization.

Grace Academy is supported by the generosity of our benevolent donors. We believe that all families should have access to the support and resources they need to ensure the proper education of their children.

Why Classical? Latin? Memoria Press?

WHY CLASSICAL? Classical education was chosen because it works! It works at developing the mind and the soul and it works to pass on and preserve the culture of the Christian West. Classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and the great books.



-Acquires basic thinking skills through the study of the liberal arts

-Learns best practices by reading the great books and discussing the actions of great men.

-Receives the culture of the Greeks (Philosophical and Literary Man), the Romans (Practical and Political Man) and the Hebrews (Spiritual Man).



Classical education teaches children 

  • HOW TO THINK (wisdom) and 

  • WHAT TO DO (virtue)

Modern education teaches children 

  • WHAT TO THINK (progressivism, political correctness) and 

  • HOW TO DO (pragmatism, vocational training)

See below for a comparison of Classical Christian Education vs Modern Education



                 Christ-centered Education                                                                       Man-centered Education

                 Education for Formation                                                                          Education for Information

                 Development of Critical Thinking - "Why?"                                           Development of Correct Procedures - "How?"

                 Emphasis on the Good, the True and the Beautiful                            Emphasis on Politically Correct

                 Truth is Objective, Knowable, Absolute                                                 Self-actualization, Personal Peace and Affluence

                 Integrated Interdisciplinary Learning                                                     Fragmented and Disjointed Learning

                 Requires the Student to Learn How to Learn                                       Requires the Student to Learn How to Pass Tests

                 Ultimate Goal: A Lifelong Love of Learning                                           Ultimate goal: Graduation, Employment


WHY LATIN?  The intensive study of Latin in the grammar school years develops the minds of students as no other subject can. Students who have learned how to learn with Latin become better students in all other subjects.



  • Outperform all other students on the verbal portion of the SAT.

  • Increase their vocabulary. Latin is the root language for all modern sciences, law, and 60% of the English language.

  • Master the study of additional languages. Latin is the root language for all the romance languages, and it trains the mind to learn any language.

  • Enhance their study of English grammar. Latin is regular and revealed, allowing one to "see" grammar concepts hidden in English.

  • Strengthen their critical thinking skills. Latin is complex and regular, requiring two basic thinking skills: analysis and synthesis. It develops and trains the mind, similar to mathematics.



WHY MEMORIA PRESS?  Memoria Press is a beautiful and inspired, complete Christian classical curriculum characterized by simplicity, quality, and affordability. 



Forms the basis of the Highlands Latin Cottage School program. This curriculum focuses on the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through meditation on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This curriculum is constructed with two central ideas in mind: mastery and simplicity.


  • Mastery of content is the goal of every program within the Classical Core Curriculum. Students are guided through the material in a way that emphasizes mastering a concept before moving on to a new one. The ability to immediately recall information and explain ideas is the end-goal of each program within the Classical Core Curriculum.


  • Simplicity is central to the design of each program. Rather than building the curricula full of extras and dress-ups, Memoria Press provides a robust, thorough, and focused exploration of each subject as it is studied. The purpose is to present a curriculum that is highly accessible and effectively taught.



"I wish I had known about this curriculum sooner! My friend introduced me to Memoria Press, and I fell in love with their easy-to-follow lesson plans and now feel confident the education each child is receiving is thorough and tailor-made for their age and level of understanding. 



"When I began researching homeschool curriculums, I learned about classical education and knew this path was right for my family. I was preparing to cobble together a curriculum when I stumbled upon Memoria Press.  I'm so glad I did! I love how they have thought through a scope and sequence from preschool through high school, and have tested their methods in the classroom with outstanding results. My children are growing and thriving, and I'm just trying to keep up!"